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Accounting Books – Free Download

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Compared with financial accounting, cost accounting is relatively a recent development. In fact, cost accounting started as a branch of financial accounting, but now it may well be regarded as a profession in its own right. The vital importance that cost accounting has acquired in the modem age is because of the growth of complexities in modem industry.

2- Financial Accounting and Its Environment


Financial accounting provides information to decision makers who are external to the business. To understand the role of financial accounting, consider a large corporation such as IBM. The owners of corporations are called shareholders, and IBM has more than 600,000 shareholders.

3 – Accountancy and Auditing


Economic decisions in every society must be based upon the information available at the time the decision is made. For example, the decision of a bank to make a loan to a business is based upon previous financial relationships with that business, the financial condition of the company as reflected by its financial statements and other factors.


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