COVID-19 and Transformation- All You Need To Know

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July 8, 2020
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COVID-19 and Transformation- All You Need To Know


Since its first emergence in the Chinese city of Wuhan, the Corona Virus, scientifically known as “COVID-19” has brought about transformational changes in every aspects of the social life and every sphere of the state activity. It has turned upside down the whole edifice of the social, economic, political and administrative structure of the state. This one-in-century pandemic has resulted not only in the public health crisis, but also resultant various other crisis which are the direct outcome of the pandemic and the resultant efforts to contain it.

Though no aspect of the state and society is immune from the worst outcome of and the transformation of the pandemic, however, the economic, technological and political aspects are worthy to be mentioned for it does account for major transformations and affects transformation taking place in other areas. Economically, the pandemics has resulted in the decline in economies of the many countries.

Though, the developed countries are able to cope with the virus, the developing countries are resisting the efforts due to their weak economies and because of the fact that containing the virus through lockdown will further spiral down their economies. This is the reason that many of the developing countries dithered to implement lockdown strategies to contain the virus from the get-go. The COVID-19 has brought about technological transformation in the sense that it realized upon the people and the states the need of technology.

Technological advancement was underway for a long time, but many of the countries could not realized the stance taken by Daniel Bell that Modern society are post-modern society which are driven by information. Confined to their homes due to social distancing protocols, the service sectors is shifting unto the technology; education is becoming virtual; the concept of webinar and hakathon has emerged and what not. As far as the political transformation is concerned, it brought about the changes where populist leader are trying to turn the crisis into its advantage. The pandemic has brought the realization on the part of the public that democracy, as being practiced, has not delivered and must be overhauled for the betterment of the people and that such democratic dispensation must be capable of dealing with emergency situation in effective manner in the future.

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