COVID-19- Economic Recession or Depression?

April 17, 2020
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April 17, 2020
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COVID-19- Economic Recession or Depression?

This paper is interested to introduce a new macroeconomic indicator to evaluate the impact of any massive pandemic such as COVID-19 on the world economy performance in the short run (1 year) and long run (10 years). The new macroeconomic indicator is entitled “The Economic Uncontrolled Desgrowth from COVID-19 (-δCOVID-19).”

In fact, the new macroeconomic indicator assumes that always COVID-19 is going to be the major factor to generate a large economic leakage on the final GDP formation anytime and anywhere. Additionally, the same paper is willing to evaluate two post-COVID-19 possible scenarios. The first scenario: if COVID-19 is going to generate a short economic recession, then the world economy gross domestic product can delay between two and three years.

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