Covid-19’s Aftermaths

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April 3, 2020
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April 4, 2020
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Covid-19’s Aftermaths

The catastrophe and its impacts, due to Covid-19, can not be figured out precisely at current moment. It’s a global war being fought by all the nations.

For Pakistan, There is an exponential spike in corona virus disease. Pakistan has delayed in taking proactive measures to cope widespread of Corona virus epidemic.

Currently, Tablighi Movement (Tablighi jamat) is at hit list of national and international Media. Mosques from Turkey to middle East, Africa and the US have suspended congregational prayers. Even, Suadi Arabia has closed its holy sites to pilgrims from all around the world but Mosques in Pakistan are still open.

The government of Pakistan endeavoured to suspend congregational prayer but some clerics differed the opinion. Two weeks ago, 250,000 Muslims from Tabligi movement from all over the world gathered in Lahore. Tablighi movement has become vector vehicle for this spread. Pakistan’s minister for religious affairs announced that prayers will be capped at five people but still going on differing opinions. Similarly, the President of Pakistan, Arif Alvi, asked Imam of Egypt to issue Fatwa that the public gatherings and Mosque prayer can be banned in interest of public health.

Doctors have warned that Pakistan’s already burdened healthcare is not prepared for an outbreak in a population of 220 million.

But The fear that the real numbers of Covid-19 patients are much higher because of the lack of testing and tracking equipment. The PM Imran Khan cancelled flight operations, closed borders,and encouraged social distancing but rejected lockdown situation.

According to Stockholm international peace research institute, the world’s expenditures spiked upto $1,822 billion in 2018 which have increased 2.6% from previous year. Pakistan is the the 5th largest military county who is spending on weapons a lot with a fragile health care system. The USA,being the mightiest military state, spending huge on weapons but is now helpless in healthcare sector due to a huge spike of the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to UNCTAD (United Nations conference on trade and development) , Pakistan will be amongst hardest-hit economies which will be requiring a package of 2.5 billion dollars to overcome the situation by the COVID-19 Epidemic. It also reports that Pakistan, Argentina and Sub Saharan African countries would face “frightening combination” crises including mounting debts and catastrophical impacts on ecomny. This would be worst than 2008 economy crisis.

There is an utter need to reset priorities now for Pakistan. Health sector demands humongous attention to be invested along with environmental security. Proactive approach is supposed to opt in order to overcome current worst scenario.

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