CSS Dilemma – Need to Change Mindset

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March 29, 2020
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CSS Dilemma – Need to Change Mindset

CSS Dilemma

Central Superior Services Exams have been influencing to a large number of youngsters. Most of the youngsters get inspiration from CSPs i.e. ASP, ASSISTANT COMMISSIONER etc. and show will power to be the same. Everyone dreams of becoming CSP at first. All of the aspirants struggle for their own dreams. They start preparation for their goals, make attempts and ……… there is CSS Dilemma

In spite of working hard, statistics show that the results are not as much satisfactory as the desires of the candidates. Do you know why the results are so poor? Why do most of the aspirants meet with failures?
I searched for this cause and have come to conclusions. Here are some reasons for the poor results.


The CSS Dilemma starts from aspirants. There are three types of aspirants.

They are about 60% of the total numbers. They start preparation without any guidance and try to crack exams. They are little serious about their goals. They believe that they can’t get passed in their first attempt, therefore, they don’t have enough knowledge about exams. That’s why they waste their first attempt to get nothing but experience. They purchased books and start memorizing the lines of every paragraph. They are plan-less candidates. They just rely on books and rote memorization. They are unaware of the current issues of the world as well as of Pakistan. They don’t have any idea of analyzing the problems. They think, CSS exams are the same they have been cracking in academia. They are traditional students and perhaps only 0.05% of them pass the exams.


They are better than the first one. They are about 30% of the candidates. They have developed their argumentations and have some analyzing sense. They join a charming academies and later leave soon. They believe they are eligible for their targets. They ask for guidance from every CSP or mentor they meet or know without knowing that everyone shares his/her own experiences. Once they get different experiences of different types of the minds, they get diverted. They become confused in selecting the best way of preparation. Through social media everyone tries to have a talk with CSS Mentor or CSP. All the mentors and CSPs have different approaches of guidance and consequently, aspirants get confused to follow one of them. Whom to follow? Who is best? Who is right? And who is wrong? All these questions are the causes of confusion. In this case, aspirants keep trying to find the best one and, therefore, time is up. They gain nothing but wastage of time, money and energy. From here and there they get notes and start learning. One, candidate, one book, one question and a number of answers (notes of different teachers). In this scenario, one can gain nothing. To these students I have no issue but one that is “A rolling stone gain no moss”. Only 0.5% of them can get passed. In the exams, they don’t know what to write and whose (teachers) notes are best to write. Ultimately, they mixed the answers to the questions.


They are about 10% of the aspirants. They are rather serious about their future. They are well aware of CSS exams. They know how to prepare for their goals. They prepare their own notes and work hard. They leave everything except CSS. They have proper guidance and coaching faculty. They remain busy in their preparation alone. They prepare a lot to crack exams. They build their strong argumentative approaches and plan some policies for the systems including social and political. Only 1.5% of them can get passed.


Another CSS Dilemma is government’s point of view. Government has been providing a syllabus in which hardly any creativity can be found. Examination system is based on rote memorization. RATTA system is much popular in academics. Furthermore, competition among the board has generated a RATTA or TUKKA system among the masses. CSS exams demand creativity which is very low in the students. Therefore, results come to failures.

Another governmental factor is that it is not providing such facilities to the students that poor students can be a part of civil services. There are a few numbers of research centers in Pakistan. Numbers of libraries are also not enough. Only big cities possess these facilities and poor one can’t bear the expenditures of the big cities. That’s why most of poor intellectual students can’t find any place in CSS exams.


More on CSS Dilemma. Hence all the papers can’t be checked by one person, therefore, all the ideas can’t be matched with all the examiners. Different examiners have different styles of marking and further mood of the examiners also is considerable in this case. Moreover, examiners take students googles and Wikipedia’s. They expect everything be memorized by the students. They also ask the questions which are rather unfamiliar to students. Complication of the questions is also a matter of the subject. TAGS also matter there. For example, you can’t write your own quotation or proverb even though you’re asked for your own ideas. TAGS mean you have to write a quotation of some famous personalities i.e. Aristotle, Henry etc. along with reference. Your ideas are appreciated in no means but test of writing speed. English phenomena is another problem.


In the end, I have concluded that everyone has the same ability to do any task. On the end of students, most of them are non-serious about CSS exams and a little number is even unaware of competitive exams. Short cut ways, hastening to achieve, confused minds, joining charming academies for no reason but SHOKHIYAN and negligence all are the main causes of failures. In the case of government and examiner, there are also a number of reasons for the failures.

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