Education and Social Development

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Education and Social Development

Education and Social Development

AZE STUDY arranged a live video session on “Education and Social Development” on May 6, 2020. We invited three members from three different countries to opine on the role of education in social development. We put forward different questions to analyze the relation between education and social development. Here’s an overview of the session.


1. Corina Sujdea from Romania

She is an International awarded teacher working for educational development.

2. Kolapo Emmanuel from Nigeria

He is a Microsoft certified educator and trains many Microsoft and Google applications like OneNote and Google Classroom.

3. Nasr Morgan from Egypt

He is an experienced teacher from Egypt and has achieved many success in his professional career.

Overview of the Session on Education and Social Development.

AZE STUDY: What is the Purpose of Education?

Mr. Kolapo: The fundamental purpose of education is to distinguish right and wrong. Education opens the minds and kicks out the wrong beliefs from the thinking centre.

Miss Corina: The basic objective of education is to eliminate evils from the minds of the people and to make them productive citizens of a country. Moreover, education is a powerful weapon in a society.

Mr. Nasr: How can we get developed without education? We cannot grow up without education. The real purpose of education is to develop not only the minds of people but also society.

AZE STUDY: What is the role of education in social development?

Mr Kolapo: We are seeing E-commerce, 5G, Automobiles and quick transportation in the world. It’s just because of education. Education plays a vital role in human development and social progress. The relation between education and social development is the same as of air and life. No nation can survive without a quality education. Although, every state is focusing on its education, many countries are unable to convert education into social development due to their poor quality education. What really matters for social development is productive and effective education.

Miss Corina: Education is a backbone of any country’s progress and development. As far as the relation of education and social development is concerned, only with the education we can develop industries, create job opportunities, eliminate crimes and maintain social peace. If there is no education in a society, you cannot break down negligence, insecurity and criminality.

Mr. Nasr: The world has been witnessing, since a long ago, the growth of a society is heavily dependent on educational stability. We cannot promote our economies without education. What we need to know is that education is the root of all socio-economic growth. Education has a key role to play in the development of a country.

AZE STUDY: How can a teacher reform the minds of a nation?

Mr. Kolapo: Teacher? Oh! It’s a great point to discuss the role of a teacher in reforming the minds. Teacher is something makes a nation productive and proactive. It all depends on the teacher that how to build a nation because he is the game changer in the life of a student. A small child is empty minded and is filled by teacher who makes him great leader or a worst man in the world.

Miss Corina: A teacher can reform the minds by putting good ideas into their minds and approaches to lives. A teacher is a person who is responsible for the character, role, and living style of a student.

Mr. Nasr: Teacher can make the minds either productive or liable. Teacher has a great role to play in social development collectively and mental growth individually. Students- nation- know nothing about their future roles and responsibilities. It’s only teacher who make them aware of their up coming challenges and problems. Teacher finds the solutions of all the issues the nations is likely to face in future.

AZE STUDY: “Thanks to all respected members for joining us on the topic “Education and Social Development”.

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