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Are you moving to another country soon and have to learn the language? Is language learning one of your something you fancy and you want to try out English for work? Do you need to have English for work classes from the convenience of your balcony, workplace or local café on a flexible roster? Opt for an online English for work tutor and here at Preply.com you’ll get the most fitting tutor for you. There are about 4000 tutors registered with us so you are certain of various online tutors to choose from based on your finance, language level and schedule for lessons. Our platform is user-friendly and if you want help, we have a devoted team of customer support professionals who are available 24/7 via our live chat. Preply – preparing you to speak boldly!
Muhammad Imran Taj

Muhammad Imran Taj

English Language

I am a student of BS English at University of Education and I am teaching side by side. I taught at homes and school from KG to A Level. I have been teaching since 2015. I am an expert in teaching English.

I am an outgoing tutor with an enthusiasm to help students engage with and enjoy their education. I value learning as a way of coming to understand the world and what is going on around you!

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