Ertuğrul- What Is The Motive Of Turkey behind it?

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Ertuğrul- What Is The Motive Of Turkey behind it?


The Turkish Drama series named Diriliş: Ertuğrul is the topic under discussion these days. The series has hugely been celebrated not only in Turkey but in other Islamic countries like Pakistan, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia. It is now even trending on Netflix and making headlines on Twitter.

It is based on the life story of a Muslim warrior Ertuğugrul, the person whose descendants established the Ottoman Empire, who was sadly long forgotten. Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan specially managed the broadcast of international series on national television PTV, that received mixed reviews from the public and Media Industry, but still, it is considered a huge success even in Pakistan.

Diriliş: Ertuğrul portrays the life of Ertuğrul who fought for his tribe and Islam. A strong script and intense acting by the actors, even make the series more powerful, directly impacting the public’s emotions. While this Drama is celebrated in the Muslim World, Western World might have some issues with the agenda behind the drama.

The real reason behind the production of the Drama is bringing back the legacy of Ottoman Empire as the treaty of Lausanne is going to end in 2023, that was signed under the conditions that the Empire would come to an end in Turkey and the Allies would recognize Turkey as a sovereign state.

It should be noted that the Ottoman Empire was one of the strongest empires that headed all Muslim states, now as in 2023 the treaty is going to come to an end and Turkey would have a chance of renovating the Empire, it is said that the government of Turkey is trying its best to bring back the Empire, as it would cause the rise of Muslim World again, uniting them under one roof. The Government of Turkey has especially produced this Drama to motivate the Muslims for the Empire and to tell them how great it was.

This is not the first attempt by the Government to motivate people for the Empire. Series named the Magnificent and Magnificent: Kosem was also released under the same agenda. However, the Western World is threatened by this debate of bringing the Sultanate back into power, as they believe the Muslim World would dominate the World again.

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