How to Make Notes for CSS?

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March 29, 2020
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March 29, 2020
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How to Make Notes for CSS?

How to make notes for css

A big problem faced by many aspirants is making notes of all subjects. Many students have asked me how to make notes for CSS for revision stage of CSS preparations. This short article is for those who are facing this issue.

If you want best strategy for how to make notes for css, please follow the given below steps.


First of all, make a list of topics of each subject you have chosen. You must include compulsory subjects too. Now categorize these topics into four types i.e. Contemporary topics, Theoretical topics, Fixed topics and Flexible topics. Contemporary topics are those which can be related with current issues for example Criminal Justice System in Criminology or Budgeting in Public AD, Climate Change in various subjects. Theoretical topics are those which are based on theories and nothing else. For example, Mechanistic approach in Public AD or Feminism in Gender Studies or Aristotle’s political approach in Political Science. Fixed topics are those which are associated with history and cannot be modified. For example, The Holy Prophet as a Teacher in Islamic Studies or Waves of feminism in GS, 14 Points of Muhammad Ali Jinnah in Pak Affairs etc. Flexible topics are those which are being applied to modern world although they were coined a long ago. They have been changing or modifying over times. For example, Realism theory in IR, Bureaucracy in Public Ad, Zakat in Islamic studies etc.


Now write key issues of contemporary topics for example economy and spare at least four to six pages for each topic. Think ideas and reforms for resolving these issue. Read International best economies and their systems. Read Newspapers and magazines to know if any development is made in your own country. All the reforms, developments and suggestions (your own) should be written on the pages you spare for a specific topic. Now write key points of theoretical topics and spare two to four pages for each topic. Next of theoretical topics is to read different school of thoughts of the certain theory. For example, read two to four different scholars’ opinions on Republic of Plato in political. Also give your own but logical opinion. Write all these things on the pages. Next, write everything you know about fixed topics. Also write the implications of the very topic in the history. Spare three to four pages for each topic and write any information you get from any source. Develop your logical opinion about the achievements of the certain topic in the history. Finally, Flexible topics are there. For these topics you need to spare at least six to ten pages for each topic. Write key points or elements of these topics. Then go to their historical developments. Then come to present situation. Then come to their applications in contemporary world particularly Pakistan’s case. Historical and current issues and challenges of a certain topic. Different studies of different societies. For example, Islamic Economic System or Liberalism or Marxism etc. You need to write everything of these topics including things I have mentioned earlier. You need to remain up to date about these topics.


Third stage is to look into past experiences. I mean to say that you should see the past papers and solve the questions or at least make outline of each topic along with your topic on the pages you spare. Then compare your notes with past papers and try to evaluate every topic you have written. Then start memorizing all the basic concepts of each topic. If you find any new topic in past papers, please write it down too.


Last stage of how to make notes for css is, Go for tests and assessments. It will help you know where you are. It will make you understand how much effort you need more. Your tests must be checked on regular and individual basis. Keep noticing and correcting your mistakes regularly.

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