Inter-dependency in Nature – Why Should We live together?

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Inter-dependency in Nature – Why Should We live together?

Inter-dependency in Nature

Inter-dependency in Nature - Why Should We live together?

Inter-dependency in Nature

Nature is full-fledged occupied by its own marvelous features. Its associations with living and non-living things, integration of all species and correlation among its creatures-everything is remarkable. From its splendid beauties, Inter-dependency is unmatched one. Nature doesn’t allow anything to live fully dependent. All the creatures have to depend on each other in some certain ways. In this short article, I’ll explain the inter-dependency in nature.

Human Beings

Aristotle rightly said, “Man is a social animal”. What exactly this saying means? Of course it is indicating that man has to rely on others in a society. Man has to depend on others in various ways because he cannot do all the things by himself. For example, if you are a teacher, you need students on which you rely. If you are a businessman, you need customers to whom you will sell your services. Moreover, you need sympathy in hard times, you need hands to celebrate your good times, you need people to interact and you need other fellow beings to communicate. You need a family to live with. You need a society to get civilized.

In all these cases, you are dependent on others. Furthermore, you cannot bear the tears you have alone. You cannot take breath without air, you cannot live without water and so on, you cannot eat your own meat, you cannot lay eggs to make a breakfast. You cannot drink your milk. In short, you cannot live without others because you do fulfill your needs by depending on others. Inter-dependency in nature depicts the real picture of live on the earth.


Animals too are following the set rules of nature. They are dependent on plants and human beings. They need food from plants and other creatures. For example, cow, goat, and other herbivores are bound to eat grassy plants, leaves and herbs. Birds fulfill their needs from plants and animals. Similarly, Carnivores, like Tiger and Lion, are dependent on other animals for their food necessities. They have to hunt other animals to fulfill their needs. In the same way, bacteria rely on its host like man etc. Inter-dependency in nature is a fixed rule for all and everything has to follow.


Human beings and animals depend on plants but how can a plant depend on human beings and animals? To make you understand, I am taking some examples here. First, plants release oxygen and receive carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is released by human beings which is a primary need of plants. Moreover, plants do photosynthesis by depending on sun-light, and are heavily dependent on soil for nitrogen like nutrients. In the same manner, air-one of the basic need of life- needs plants to get purified.

Gases, Resources and Inter-dependency in Nature

  In the Universe, millions of gases and resources are found in some certain ways. These elements including minerals have to depend on each other for their survival. For example, Ozone gases are incomplete without Oxygen. Water-a key mineral for life- is composed of oxygen and hydrogen. Furthermore, clouds, rain, storm and lightening are dependent on other elements to occur. The inter-dependency in nature has put them all together. Nature doesn’t allow them to work individually.

In short, nature has restricted everything to live inter-dependently in this universe. Nature has its own circle of life in which we all have to live. In case of rejecting the laws of nature, we will be no more. Perhaps, the concept of life and death and the existence of live on the planet Earth, are based on this rule of inter-dependency. Same as an animal lives a very short life after going out of its natural zone-forest- to a zoo, man, too, after going out of his society, lives a very little and hard amount of age. Owing to these reasons, we should live together. Therefore, we should follow the rule “Inter-dependency in Nature” to live a happy and successful life.

This article is written by Umar Draz

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