Leadership Qualities

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April 25, 2020
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April 25, 2020
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Leadership Qualities

Leadership Qualities

Here is a research on leadership qualities that clearly shows that leaders who are positive, inspiring, and who empower and develop followers are better leaders. They are more valued by their teams, and their teams perform at a higher level.

These so-called Transformational leaders are usually enthusiastic, passionate, genuine and energetic. While these leaders focus on helping the group achieve its goals, they also care about helping individuals in their team to reach their full potential. 

The experience that a great leader creates is hard to describe, but you feel better when you’re around them. Characteristics include:

  • Vision – Working toward a vision far more inspiring than working toward personal gain.
  • Self-Direction – They know how to get things done and how to organize and initiate tasks.
  • Ability to Motivate – A good leader knows how to motivate people to want to complete tasks.
  • Social Awareness – They know the key influencers and who to turn to.
  • Move Business Forward – Contrasted with bad leaders who confuse employees by switching gears far too often.
  • Intellectual Stimulation — Intellectual stimulation is one of the leadership qualities that defines transformational leadership. A great leader encourages others to express their creativity. Effective leaders offer new challenges and lots of support.

Another Side To It

Studies show another side of leadership – the bottom line. It takes good leadership to make money.

A global study by the talent firm Development Dimensions International came to a very clear conclusion: Quality leadership affects the bottom line. Effective leaders are 13 times more likely to outperform their industry competitors.

The study also found:

  • The difference in the impact of a top performing leader and an average performing leader is 50 percent.
  • Organizations with higher quality leadership had higher employee retention and engagement rates (up to three times that of their competitors).

Another study commissioned by a division of a Fortune 500 commercial bank shows compelling evidence of the dramatic effect of leadership effectiveness on net income. The results: Poor leaders lose money, good leaders make a profit, and extraordinary leaders more than doubled a company’s profits.

And yet another study showed that effective leaders with a strong vision also had the highest performing teams.

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