Most Confused Pair of Words

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Most Confused Pair of Words

Here is a list of most confused pair of words used in daily life.

Access (approach or enter)Excess (more than necessary)
Adopt (legally take)Adapt (become adjusted)
Admit (confess to be true)Confess (admit when something done wrong)
Advice (guidance)Advise (offer recommendations)
Affection (love)Affectation (pretention)
Enmity (feeling of active hostility)Amity (Friendship)
Amoral (lack moral sense)Immoral (sinful)
Appraise (assess or estimate)Apprise (inform)
Accede (agree)Exceeds (surpass)
Besides (a part from)Beside (next to)
Between (used for two objects)Among (surrounded by, more than two)
Backwards (back towards starting point)Backward (directed behind)
Bored (feeling impatient and weary)Board (a piece of wood)
Break (separate into pieces)Brake (instrument to slow down the vehicle)
Breath (air inhaled into and expelled from lungs)Breathe (take air into or expel from lungs)
Canvas (strong cloth made of hemp)Canvass (propose)
Censured (condemned)Censor (judge)
Childlike (innocent)Childish (immature)
Clothes (attire)Cloths (fabric)
Coarse (rough)Course (route)
Complimented (praise)Complementing (accompany)
Dissent (disagreement)Descent (going down)
Diary (journal)Dairy (made from milk)
Demure (modest)Demur (object)
Dessert (dessert)Desert (empty, abandon)
Devise (conceive)Device (gadget)
Die (expire)Dye (colouring)
Economic (profitable)Economical (inexpensive)
Elect (opt for to do something)Select (pick)
Elicit (obtain)Illicit (illegal)
Eminent (prestigious)Imminent (near)
Epigram (slogan)Epitaph (memorial)
Farther (comparative of far)Further (at, to)
Fewer (a small number of)Less (to smaller extent)
Formerly (some time ago)Formally (lawfully)
Fourth (4th)Forth (forward)
Hanged (be suspended)Hung (emotionally confused)
Healthful (nutritious)Healthy (robust)
Heroine (brave woman)Heroin (addictive drug)
Horde (crowd)Hoard (accumulate)
Illusion (spectre)Allusion (reference to)
Immigrate (migrate from elsewhere)Emigrate (leave the country)
Incidence (frequency)Incident (occurrence)
Incredulous (disbelieving)Incredible (unbelievable)
Lightning (very quickly)Lightening (make something)
Loose (insecure, baggy)Lose (misplace)
Luxuriant (lush)Luxurious (splendid)
Martial (military)Marital (matrimonial)
Medal (made of some metal)Meddle (interfere)
Moral (virtuous)Morale (spirit)
Naval (Marine)Navel (tummy button)
Now (currently)Know (realize)
Peace (calmness)Piece (slice)
Peak (top)Peek (glimpse)
Personnel (staff)Personal (individual)
Poring (study, examine)Poured (spew, flow)
Practical (systematic)Practicable (feasible)
Principal (main, chief)Principle (truth)
Quiet (silent)Quit (stop)
Reign (rule)Rein (bridle)
Right (fair, good)Write (note, record)
Stationery (office material)Stationary (fixed)
Statute (law)Statue (sculpture)
Wander (roam)Wonder (admiration)
Whether (inquire about)Weather (atmosphere of a place)

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