My Guardian Angel – A Story of Motivation & Success

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My Guardian Angel – A Story of Motivation & Success

My Guardian Angel

My Guardian Angel

My Guardian Angel - A Story of Motivation & Success
Ms. Sujdea Corina-Romania

Last summer I had the chance to know an extraordinary woman who changed my life; a special lady with a big heart; a lady whom I fondly call my guardian angel, Ms. Isabella Chelariu. Following her appearance on the site, Stories Kingdom World, several items related to my teaching, I was contacted by more people in the country and abroad via Facebook and email. Each of them wanted a partnership with me in projects that I’m running.

But one day, something unexpected and interesting happened at the same time. A teacher from India, Mr. Naveen Gautam, sent me a message asking me to apply for an international award for Most Innovative Teacher of the Year in 2015, telling me that I intended long activity and thinks that I have real chances to win this award. Along with this letter was attached a link that led me to the website of an international foundations in India called Bharti Global Foundation. I hurried to submit documents required for registration: a résumé to be attached to documents, a registration form, a photograph ID card and other evidence of my work.

At first, I was very skeptical and I even joked: I – an international award! But I am a simple teacher! However, Mr. Naveen insisted, so I asked, “why not?” I filled in CV. I completed application form and, we scanned all the necessary documents and I sent with my picture on this foundation email. Any teacher around the world can apply for this award.

Everyone who is active in the field of teaching and has been involved in international projects can apply. Over 2,000 applications were submitted and their assessment lasted more than two weeks, during which anyone could enter the blog and leave a comment foundation positive about the candidates. Many friends from home and abroad have posted nice comments about me, something that I did not understand that they are appreciated by those around me.

After the waiting period was over, Mr. Naveen asked me to go on the site and check the results, even though it was late at night. At first, I thought he was joking only that morning likelihood will show the final results, but the gentleman insisted on opening and watching the results. Of course I started to have emotions, I was so worried. I felt unable to open the site. Finally, I arrived at the list of winners and I had the biggest surprise of my life: I was one of those who received the award!!! I thought I was dreaming, that wasn’t true. But when I saw the results, I got that my guardian angel had brought me in the list.

My name and picture were there with 5 other teachers in the world:

  • Ms. ChampaRathnayake – Sri Lanka
  • Ms. Maarit Rossi – Finland Ms. VanesriKasi – Malaysia
  • Mr. David W Deeds – China
  • Ms. Kathy Katerina – Colombia
  • And Ms. Sujdea Corina-Romania

It is difficult for me to say how much honored I felt to receive this award! I just feel that the whole endeavor was rewarded to my work and efforts I made. I would like to thank those who believed and encouraged me, my guardian angel, as I like to call Professor Ms. Iuliana Ciubuc – one that initiated me in developing international projects, Ms. Isabelle Chelariu – made me known in the country and abroad through the articles we published on different websites and, not least Mr. Naveen Gautam – who encouraged me to apply for this prestigious award.

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  1. MIF India says:

    Ms Corina is very hard working and innovative educator who is working for the welfare of schools, students and teachers across the globe.

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