Nehru Report – History of Pakistan

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April 27, 2020
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Nehru Report – History of Pakistan

Nehru Report was given accordingly of Simon Commission (1927) report. As Simon Commission prohibited the Indians from the reflection and proposals which shocked the Indians. To add more affront to injury, Lord Birkenhead (in 1925 and 1927) moved the Indians to arrive at a concurred constitution in the event that they were sufficiently proficient. The Indian National Congress chose to locate an indigenous arrangement of the issues through a constitution and framed an advisory group under Moti Lal Nehru on August 10 1927.

The Committee welcomed the Muslim League, Hindu Mahasbha, Sikh Central League and the other striking ideological groups to hold turns in surrounding the constitution of the Sub-Continent. The Muslim League couldn’t help contradicting the Congress in the focuses finished up by Nehru. At the fourth gathering, Moti Lal Nehru introduced his report known as Nehru Report.

Key Points Of Nehru Report

1. India ought to be given the status of a Dominion on a unitary premise with parliamentary forces of seat.

2. Residuary forces should vested in the middle.

3. India ought to have a parliamentary type of government headed by Prime Minister and six priests named by Governor General.

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4. There ought to be no different electorate or weightage for minorities.

5. Reservation of Muslim seats could be conceivable in the territories where Muslim populace was at any rate 10%, however this was to be in exacting extent to the size of the network.

6. Muslims ought to appreciate one fourth portrayal in the Central Legislature.

7. The N.W.F.P. ought to be given full common status and Sind ought to be detracted from Bombay and made a different territory.

8. Another Canarese-Speaking territory “Karnatak” be set up in South India.

9. Hindi ought to be made the official language of India.


The suggestions of the Nehru Report conflicted with the interests of the Muslim people group. It was an endeavor to serve Hindu prevalence over Muslims. The Nehru Committee’s most noteworthy blow was the dismissal of discrete electorates. On the off chance that the report had considered the Delhi Proposals, the Muslims may have acknowledged it. Be that as it may, the Nehru Committee didn’t consider the Delhi Proposals at all while figuring their report.

The Muslims were requesting 33% portrayal in the inside while Nehru Committee gave them only one-fourth portrayal. The facts confirm that two requests of Muslims were considered in the Nehru Report yet them two fragmented. It was said that Sindh ought to be isolated from Bombay yet the state of self-economy was likewise advanced. It requested sacred changes in N. W. F. P. be that as it may, Baluchistan was neglected in the report.

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