Pakistan after COVID-19

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March 30, 2020
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March 31, 2020
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Pakistan after COVID-19

It seems that Pakistan would suffer a great deal of loss than what Officials have prophesied. Pakistan with its already crawling economy, now, would have to take calculated and well-defined decisions, In order to cope the current and future worst scenarios.

Educational institutions may suffer greatly because of the largest number of children staying at home for a long while. The Higher Education Commission should pro actively accomplish online courses agenda which it announced some days earlier.

The lockdown on transport sector can have humongous consequences on people and economy of Pakistan. The suspension of Airlines and railways will have severe losses for Pakistan. It would be a great burden to pay their employees.

It may seem more terrified conditions for daily wagers, people working on restaurants, laborers, shopkeepers etc.
A fair package by Government has been announced but will that reach the people in good faith?

Pakistan can be pushed back decades of years back if non-serious measures and approaches are shown.

There’s a great need of paying heed to have qualitative and comprehensive endeavours to study impacts of corona virus pandemic on world ,employment and incomes. So, it is immensely needed to draw up an appropriate legislation to cope this situation.

It also essentially requires to establish special cells at federal and provincial levels to study impacts of current pandemic on people and different sectors of Pakistan.

It can be seen that a few members of establishment are active on social media talks and others are doing a bit.
These federal employees should be made part of such kind of social efforts.

Proactive measures are intensely needed to tackle current situation.
A team of experts must be set up to study impacts of corona virus pandemic to cope future worst scenarios. It’s a prime time to take calculated and well defined decisions to tackle hard moments

Mohammad Shafiq


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    Absolutely right!

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    Realistic approach

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