Pakistan In The Trajectory Of Islam, Culture And Corona-Virus

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April 26, 2020
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Pakistan In The Trajectory Of Islam, Culture And Corona-Virus

It seems that Pakistan In The Trajectory Of Islam, Culture And Corona-Virus. It’s been a long time since we heard about Corona Virus in the World. It was started from Wuhan, a city in China. The pandemic went across the world in no time. Pakistan, a country bordering with China-birth place of Covid-19- got some victims of the virus. Following the instructions given and followed by the leading community of the world, Pakistan imposed Lock Down to prevent its nation from the pandemic. Initially, the lockdown was imposed only for a few days but owing to rapid increase in Corona patients, it was extended. Now, Pakistan, being a heterogeneous country, is trying its best to take strict measures to make lockdown successful. Will Pakistan succeed in its goals? Can Pakistan make lockdown more fruitful in the presence of fundamentalists of Islam and rigid culture? To get the answers of these questions, we need to look into following key points:

Fundamentalism of Islam and Lockdown

As we know that about 97% people are Muslims and follow Islamic Principles in their daily lives. But what we need to know is fundamentalism of Islam has been being practiced in Pakistan since its inception. On the basis that religious fundamentalists have a strong bond to their religion. Islamic fundamentalism has been increasing in strength since the late 1970s in reaction to this. Let me make you more clear the term fundamentalism with an example. If you are ill or hungry and you need to have some medications or food items.

Pakistan is in the trajectory of Islam at the time of Covid-19. Meanwhile, an Islamic clerk asks you to perform Namaz only and nothing else, it’s called fundamentalism. Moreover, fundamentalists only want you to make NAMAZI at any cost. Now, move to the main point that is corona lockdown and Islam. Surely, Islam does not allow any activity which is against the community. In fact, Islam stresses on community development and collective prosperity.

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But what is issue with Islam in Pakistan in respect of Covid-19 lockdown is that Islamic clerks are not willing to cooperate with the state of Pakistan to combat the pandemic. Prayers are being offered in the same way we noticed in the past, Funeral Prayers are also arranged in the previous style. People are gathering and getting engaged to each other without knowing the fact that there might be a corona patient who may destroys the whole society. Ulma and Molvies are still showing non-responsive attitude towards this fatal. They think this pandemic as a trick being played against Islam and are taking lockdown as if Islam is in a big danger of western powers.

Rigid Culture and Lockdown

Culture is something that we use to live life. We follow costumes, traditions and ethos in our daily lives. Culture is as much important in our lives as life itself because we may live without a religion but it is hard to live without a set patterns of customs in society we live in. Culture has great influence on our minds. It was culture that sparked the movement of Pakistan against British and Hindu Raj. It was culture that laid the foundations of Bangladesh. So it is clear that culture is something that cannot be changed within specific time and with the use of power. Now, what is relation between corona lockdown and culture? The relationship between the both is confrontation. Confrontation! Really? Yes.

Pakistani culture is largely based on Joint family and social integration. Therefore, Pakistan is in the trajectory of its culture. If there are 10-20 members of a joint family how is it possible to make them imprisoned? They have meet each other, they to find food for themselves and lots more. We do not have cultures like European ones that’s why it is hard to manage lockdown efficiently. Moreover, there are some unique customs of Pakistani community like Dera, Hukka, groupings and others are still in practice irrespective of pandemic’s chronic consequences. In addition to it, Pakistan is an agrarian country where about 70% people rely on agriculture. Is it possible to leave every agricultural practice? Of course no, people cannot live without going out of their homes to fields. In this case corona lockdown would be successful? I think impossible. Let’s hope for the best.

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