Preparing General Knowledge Book – FPSC, PPSC, NTS

Precis' Writing
Precis’ Writing for CSS/PMS – Past Papers 1971-2015
May 14, 2020
Mathematics MCQs book fro FPSC, PPSC, NTS
Mathematics MCQs Book for FPSC, PPSC, NTS
May 14, 2020
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Preparing General Knowledge Book – FPSC, PPSC, NTS

Preparing General Knowledge Book

Preparing General Knowledge Book

Seeking a respectable job and developing an envious career today is the chief concern of our youth. At the same time preparing general knowledge, is another difficulty. The way, jobs are distributed among favorites who either have reference or carry heavy amount to pay as gratification, the only option left for competent and deserving aspirants remains trying their luck through Federal and Provincial Public Service Commissions (FPSC, PPSC etc.), where a greater level of transparency and merit are ensured.

For a good number of jobs advertised through Federal and Provincial Public Service Commissions, the written test consists of 100 marks General Knowledge based paper of MCQs. The 100 marks generally are further divided into


Current Affairs

Islamic Studies

Pakistan Studies

General Science / Every Day Science

Basic Arithmetic


While in the tests conducted by PPSC in edition to these there is often a portion of Urdu also.

Now the question arises from where to prepare for these tests. Based on my personal experience of qualifying numerous PPSC & FPSC tests and after having observed the methods of various other successful friends, I have come to a finding that for making an effective preparation for these 100 Marks GK based tests, now-a-days, preparing the recent past papers conducted by Public Service Commissions are proving to be a panacea. In this regard for the preparation of PPSC tests, Imtiaz shahid’s book of solved PPSC tests and for FPSC tests, Mr. Subhan’s book of FPSC past tests have now assumed the status of a compulsory read.

Remember, General knowledge is a vast subject and one is helpless to prepare that all. In this scenario, these past papers provide you an idea as what trends were going on in the Public Service Commission tests and keeping in view those trends what areas needed to be focused and prepared on priority.

Here is a book fro preparing general knowledge

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