artificial intelligence

April 11, 2020

Technology: Boon or Bane?

Technology has changed modern society drastically, both positively and negatively. Technology has influenced every aspect of our life, making it simpler but not necessarily better Technology […]
April 17, 2020

Can Computer Think? What is Imitation of Human Intelligence?

Abstract Solving a math problem without knowing is concept means imitation of solved paper, Same problem is happening with computers. I am using a relevant algorithm […]
April 19, 2020

Artificial Intelligence : Pros and Cons

Alternatives to modern Artificial Intelligence approaches including machine learning include rule based systems and manual labor. AI systems can surpass both alternatives in terms of cost, […]
May 2, 2020
What will be the robotic life?

What will be the Robotic Life?

What will be the robotic life? here we start! It sounds like the stuff of science fiction. Scientists have created what has been described as the […]