The Top 5 Conspiracies Related to Coronavirus

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The Top 5 Conspiracies Related to Coronavirus

Top 5 Conspiracies

Top Five Conspiracies related to coronavirus

Since the attack of Coronavirus in several countries, various conspiracies and misinformation are circulating on social media. These conspiracies and misinformation are related to the origin and outbreak of this fatal virus. Most people believe in these conspiracies because this is a new virus and very little is known about it. These amplifying rumors, outright lies, and conspiracies regarding COVID-19 are misleading the people. The government can play a positive role to save their citizens from these conspiracies regarding coronavirus by providing proper information. Now let us discuss the top 5 conspiracies related to coronavirus:

Number 5: Blaming 5G Connection

One of the conspiracies related to the spread of coronavirus is that it is spread through a 5G connection. This is wrong because viruses cannot spread using the electromagnetic spectrum. This virus is spreading at a faster rate even in those states who have no access to a 5G connection. The coronavirus and 5G connection are both of different nature. The former is a biological entity while the latter are photons.

The World Health Organization (WHO) states that the virus cannot travel through mobile networks. Nut even the celebrities believed this conspiracy regarding the spread of this pandemic. This concept is regarded as nonsense and rubbish by a senior medical director from the UK. Many people in the UK set the cellphone towers on fire due to this nonsense conspiracy.

Number 4: Coronavirus Is Imported Into China by the US Military

Another popular conspiracy regarding the coronavirus is that it is imported into China by the US military. This was first said by the Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian. He said that this virus may be brought to Wuhan by the US military. The Chinese claimed that this virus was brought during the 2019 Military World Games last October to Wuhan.

Some of the Chinese even refer to the Coronavirus as the ‘USA virus’. This conspiracy is not widely believed internationally and is regarding as domestic propaganda. The Chinese said that the United States is inured to the Coronavirus that is why they did not fear it. Donald Trump regarded this a fake news and conspiracy. Many people regard this news as a fake one because the USA is nowadays more affected by this pandemic than China.

Number 3: The Virus Escaped From a Chinese Laboratory

It is believed by many people that the Coronavirus escaped from a Chinese Laboratory. It is said that researchers at Wuhan have been studying bat coronavirus for a long time. This virus was termed as “Chinese Communist Party Virus” by the Epoch Times in all its coverage. Many other Western media outlets also blamed China for it by saying that it originated in the Wuhan Institute of Virology. They said that the secret Chinese military labs developed this virus as bioweapons.

Fox News first reported that this fatal microscopic agent first escaped from a lab in Wuhan, China. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also claimed the Wuhan Institute of Virology for the spread of this virus. The head of the World Health Organization (WHO) stated that there is no evidence regarding the spread of this virus from a lab in Wuhan. It is said that China used this virus as a biological weapon to rule the entire world.

Number 2: Blamed Bill Gates

Bill Gates, who is the Microsoft co-founder, is also a target of COVID-19 conspiracy theories nowadays. This is because he has been warning about this pandemic several times, before its inception. He warned of a new pandemic and the Ebola outbreak in 2015. It is said that it is Bill Gates’ plot to vaccinate the world’s population.

He is blamed for collecting people’s information through these vaccines and then sending it to the United Nations. Even some people are blaming Bill Gates for starting the coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV2). Many people claimed him for introducing this virus to reduce the world’s population. This conspiracy is circulating about Bill Gates even though he has donated $250 million towards the handling of this pandemic. Nowadays people blame Bill Gates for this virus more than the 5G connection.

Number 1: Coronavirus Actually Does Not Exist

One of the most popular conspiracies regarding the coronavirus is that this virus does not even exist. Many people say that the deaths are caused by fear. It is said that there is no need for social distancing

and observing lockdown. Dr. Annie Bukacek also warned COVID death certificates are being manipulated. Her speech is seen a quarter of a million times on YouTube.

This virus is also termed as fake by the New York Times bestselling author. The ‘holistic psychiatrist’ Kelly

Brogan said that she does not think that this virus is real. She shared her lengthy videos last week on social media. Kelly added that she did not believe in ‘germ-based contagion’ and added that there is the role of fear in all this.

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