What Makes a Great Teacher – Top Qualities of a Great Teacher

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What Makes a Great Teacher – Top Qualities of a Great Teacher

What Makes a Great Teacher

A good teacher can brand a world of difference in a student’s life, impacting everything from their classroom learning to their long term achievement. If you’re seeing a career in education, it’s important to explore the qualities of a good teacher. The role of teachers in helping young people discover themselves and the world – and how they can then shape the world – is why teaching is the most important job in the world. But it is also the most important job for the world. However, there are some certain questions: What makes a great teacher? How can you become the best teacher? Here are some qualities of a great teacher.

What Makes A Great Teacher

Communication Skills

Effective communication is a critical asset to obtain in both professional and in intimate environments. It is the root of successful and unforgettable relationships. In the case of teaching, to have strong communication skills as a teacher is a vital quality for building teacher-student bond, and for really creating a trusting environment for the students. Strong communication is essential for the objective of teaching itself. As a teacher, having the ability to usefully express verbal, writing, visual and body language indications together with the capacity to convert ideas into student understandable structures will deliver knowledge with greater results.

Listening Skills

Being a good teacher means having your students listen to you, but also ensuring that you listen and give your students the consideration that they need by answering all of their questions. The value of listening lies behind letting you to better understand your students. Aristotle once said that “those who know, do” and “Those you understand, teach.” The ability to understand your students is one of the keys to what makes a great teacher.

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Friendly Attitude

Having an amicable attitude is one of the most important qualities of a good teacher. Expressing a pleasant attitude towards your students makes you more amicable, and is more likely to inspire students to want to learn. By being professed as more approachable, students will feel more comfortable to ask questions. This will in turn improve student-teacher communication and create a more confident learning environment. The best teachers tend to be open, friendly, welcoming, and most importantly, secure to approach. Something imperative that comes with having a friendly attitude as a teacher is the trust that can potentially be created within the classroom.


Effective teachers need to be able to work in a continuously evolving environment and adjust their teaching approaches based on the age of their students, the resources available and changing curriculum, practices and necessities. When working with other people, students or other teachers alike, certain prospects may not always be met. Your teaching methods may not work in a certain way with a certain class, schedules may change, adjustments may essential to be made with little or no notice. An instructor can adjust their teaching procedures and expectations so they can still find success.


Every student will have their own exclusive struggles. Some will have a tough time reading. For others, math will not come easily. For others, being able to sit still during school is the struggle! Patience in a teacher is key to helping students overcome their skirmishes. With outsized classrooms and many students who are all different, patience is a must for a teacher.

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