Why Students Fail in CSS?

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March 20, 2020
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March 20, 2020
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Why Students Fail in CSS?

Why Students Fail in CSS?

Why Students Fail in CSS?


In this article I’ll point out some reasons why majority of students fail in CSS. I’ll also suggest some ways to change the fate.


1- Lack of Vision

First and foremost reason why student fail in CSS is lack of vision or goal. 97% does not have any other goal except for protocol or prestigious NOKRI. They have nothing to do with the ongoing issues in the country. They just want an outstanding living standard and nothing else. This approach keeps them limited and does not let them to think about socio-economic issues and their solutions. A CSP is likely to be given a Tehsil within his desired group. If a person does not have any goal to reform or improve the system, how will he be able to get his goal? If someone has no proper goal, how will he visualize his target and what force will encourage him to achieve his goal?

If an aspirant even does not know what is happening in his surroundings, then how he will be able handle issues in written exams? For example, in sociology paper if it is asked ” Population in big cities is big issue which is causing several administrative challenges as well as basic necessities problems. As a sociologist how will you run and manage such a big city?” how he/she will be able to write the answer? This question requires four things a) Basic knowledge about administrative and social challenges in big cities. b) Self-opinion and logical ideas c) ability to handle these questions d) language of sociology.

This question does not demand causes of population and their solutions. But many students put their efforts to write causes and solutions and get failed. This happens because of having no goal because only goal can make you able to think about surroundings. I have met over 300 students during last two years who had nothing to do with this strategy and majority of them is still wasting its time in memorizing course outline. Interestingly, these types of questions do not require too much book readings and gathering data. They only require your perception, ideas and ability. This approach can be developed with the help of your individual coach or mentor

2- Lack of confidence

The second reason why students fail in CSS is having no confidence to take part in the examination. A fear of failure emerges inside the minds. I know many students who started their preparations in 2016-17 but are unable to take part till now. They have written their fate with bad luck or no future HAHA. We write our future ourselves. This sounds strange but this is what the reality is. For example, if one creates a sense of failure in himself, he/she has written his/her fate in darkness. He himself has decided that there is nothing for him in future. He does not dare to struggle. Although he keeps preparing himself, he does not dare to take risk or chance. They are pessimists. They waste their time, energy and money. Note: If sense of failure can be created by oneself, sense of success can also be created. If pessimism can be a part of thinking, what is problem with optimism? What the hell is! we have a chance to write our fate and we are writing it darkness. A pessimist can never be a successful even he appears in after 6-10 years’ preparations.

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3- Lack of proper coaching

The third and key point is lack of proper coaching. Students do not have a proper coaching session or a competent coach. Students join academies and online sessions but again fail. What is problem there? Teacher blames students and students do the same reply. To me, it happens when a student joins any sort of coaching and gets or pays no full attention there. That’s why he gets failed. Some teachers and students are so hurry to complete the course outline. For example, an academy offers four or six months’ session for complete course it covers 12 subjects, about 200 chapters, about 1000 topics and 1000 more co-related topics including current affairs and essay. It means a student who has no background knowledge which can be gained through individual coaching in 3-4 months is going to digest over 1000 topics in just 150 days (excluding holidays) over 6 topics per day with 30-40 minutes’ lecture to over 50-100 students at academies. How is it possible for a beginner? It is just like a miracle and nothing else. That’s why majority gets failed. So, my suggestion is that one should have an individual coach before joining academy. If he feels okay with individual coaching, then no need to join academy. I am not against academies but against the trend or way of joining. You can hire home tutor or online session. You can join any teacher who is teaching at any academy but you must seek individual attention if you are a serious one about your future.

4- Discontinuity

Another reason why students fail in CSS is discontinuity in preparations. Students do this job at large scale. Many students start preparations with great courage and hope. But within few days they lose their courage due to several reasons. They work hard one day and change their plan other day. Day by day, they try to make an effective plan for study. They keep changing and ultimately face confusion. Confusion leads to nowhere. They either leave their efforts or get failed. They think we shall start hard working tomorrow and, to me, tomorrow never comes. You should have a proper study plan which can be assisted by your coach. Then you should work on it by hook or by crook. A consistent and optimistic effort leads to success.

5- Selecting books for readings or preparations

Another reason why students fail in CSS is having no good book for preparation. Students are advised either by mentor or by academy to purchase their own notes and books. Furthermore, those students who do not join either coach or academy rely on social media and friends etc. Books are books and there is no problem with them. This is the logic of some students and teachers. I do not agree. To me, books are key to success and there must be good and comprehensive books for preparations. What problem is faced by students is that they purchase books and start memorizing them.

Here are some issues a) first of all no Pakistani writer or publisher can be considered a comprehensive because all of books students purchase having tags of their respective teachers and academies are based on copy paste formula. These books contain no conceptual points and examples and readings. In this way, students are unable to get the very idea and concept of a certain topic. They ultimately fail. 95% of the Pakistani publishers including JWT, HSM, DOGGARS and others use copy paste formula. If you are not going to believe me just start reading a topic and then type it on google.

After a little bit effort, you will find the same topic shared on some certain website (s) 2,4, or 10 years ago by Indian or English writers. We are appearing in the exams being held in Pakistan in 2019 or 2020 but we are reading a stuff shared by Indian or English writers in 2010 or 2015. HAHAHA what a joke with students’ future. It is just like as we have given our culture to those who do not have even know how about our culture. I am talking about NGOs. For example, if you read Feminism in Pakistan from book published by JWT or HSM etc. believe me you will never be able to understand the basic point that what is being discussed in the books by SO-CALLED great writers. b) Secondly, if you are going to read English authors’ books, there is another problem.

They write according to their own culture, social structure, political culture, governance structure and so on. But we are preparing for exams held in Pakistan. There are totally two different perspectives and how can a reader of British or Indian culture explain the issues of Pakistan? It is a problem of everyone including academies, colleges and exams taking commissions. This type of illogical readings leads to failure. No doubt they help but they confuse too. So, you should buy a book after consulting with your coach who is not selfish or self-proclaimed scholar.

6- Tag Phobia

Next issue is tag phobia. Pakistani nation is greatly convinced by TAGS. Many students think only CSPs, academies or well-known ones can prepare us. They pay huge amounts of dues and start preparing. They think that others cannot teach you. Remember, teaching is different from failure or success. I have seen many great personalities who have knowledge of high level but they could not qualify because of luck or anything else. Many failed ones are running well-known academies.

Teaching is something different so please do judge a person by his achievements. Just go to some teacher and start preparations and try to understand what he is teaching you. If you are getting what you desired for, then you should have no concern with his achievements and if you are not getting properly, just leave him by saying SORRY SIR I AM NOT GETTING WELL BY YOU. But do not develop any opinion before you are taught by him/her. Because you need knowledge not his/her status. If this psyche is not changed, students will not be able to get rid of MAFIA who just misuse their status and tag. If you are TAGEE student, and not a learner, success is no more for you. It is unjust to test a teacher. Many students just go to different places not to learn but to test a teacher. HAHA. A student is testing his teacher……. sad.

7- Self proclamation of scholarship

Another reason why students fail in CSS is self-proclamation of scholarship. Many students use social media, groups and so on to proclaim themselves as a scholar. They join every group created on social media and start gathering and sharing knowledge. They just copy the data and paste it on their walls and in their groups to show others that they are scholars.

They just pass the knowledge from one place to other one without reading or understanding it. They keep doing the same job whole year and cannot put their best in their own exams. This habit must be eradicated if you are going to clear css. During learning process do not become a teacher just be a good learner. Just join groups where you can learn gradually and avoid to join every group otherwise you may not manage the shared data in all groups. Prepare yourself in a sequence and do not be in a hurry.

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