Zulfi Bhutto of Pakistan | His Life and Times

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Zulfi Bhutto of Pakistan | His Life and Times



No individual in the history of Pakistan achieved greater popular power or
suffered so ignominious a death as Zulfikar Ali Bhutto (1928-79). Zulfi Bhutto’s political rise and fall were, indeed, so meteoric as to make his name a legend in the land over which he presided for little more than half a decade prior to his hanging. A full decade after his death, Bhutto remained popular enough to ensure the election of his daughter, Benazir, to the premier position he once held. Wherever she campaigned in Sindh and
much of Punjab, the popular roar that greeted her was “Jiye Bhutto!”—”Bhutto Lives!” by which millions of Pakistanis meant and still mean, Zulfi Bhutto.


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